"The Missing Brushstrokes"
Art has long been celebrated as a medium that transcends time, cultures, and societal boundaries. It has the power to shape our perceptions and reflect the diversity of the human experience.
Classic European art, with its corpus of celebrated paintings and sculptures, largely focused on idealised representations of greco-roman beauty and physical perfection. Artists sought to capture a harmonious balance of form, proportion, and aesthetics, often idealising the human figure.
This quest for perfection unintentionally largely excluded individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities, including those with Down syndrome.

The Power of Inclusive Generative Art
Inclusive generative art has the potential to challenge societal norms, break down stereotypes, and foster empathy and understanding. By including individuals with Down syndrome in classic European art, we can portray a broader spectrum of humanity, illustrating the inherent worth and value of every individual. 
Such representation can influence public perceptions, shattering preconceived notions of beauty, and created a more inclusive society.
Recognising the historic oversight, it is vital to advocate for a reevaluation of classic European art. We seek opportunities to incorporate individuals with Down syndrome into contemporary interpretations of iconic styles of the past few centuries.
By doing so, we can honor the art genius of the past, celebrate our present, and pave the way for a future where everyone's unique beauty and abilities are recognised and valued.

Ethical disclaimer: 
1. Respect for Individuals: I have made every effort to respect the dignity, privacy, and rights of the individuals portrayed in the photographs. Consent has been sought. All work is based on photographic portraits of my daughter Emily Carmen taken during the past 18 years in Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain. Any portrayal of sensitive or potentially controversial subjects has been done with utmost care and consideration.
2. Authenticity and Truthfulness: I have strived to represent Emily Carmen and her environment truthfully and authentically. While artistic techniques or post-processing methods such as generative AI have been employed to enhance the visual impact or aesthetic appeal, efforts have been made to ensure that the essential character and integrity of Emily is preserved.
3. Responsible Image Editing: Any digital manipulations or post-processing techniques employed in the creation of this work have been applied responsibly and ethically. The intention is to enhance the visual impact and artistic quality while maintaining the integrity and essence of the original scene. 
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